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Village Elite matches the best possible candidates to the best possible career opportunity. Our expertise is middle management and executive level positions across various industries. We are committed to developing a strong pipeline of leaders with a specific focus on C-level (CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, COOs) executives.  We are specialized and focused in helping small to medium sized, growing companies (SMEs) with all of your executive leadership needs, regardless of the industry type or the functional nature of the role. Our candidates are diverse in race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Diversity & Inclusion

We help our customers, clients, and partners go beyond diversity (a state of being) to experience the power and purpose of inclusion (an act of doing). Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand and, although they are linked, they are also very distinct. 

Village Elite offers a full-day workshop that looks beyond diversity and explores the power of inclusion. We also explore the illusion of inclusion, which is a false belief that an individual or organization may have about the efficacy of their inclusion efforts. Oftentimes, the most well-intentioned organizations believe they are being inclusive when they actually aren’t being as inclusive as they could be, or even should be. We will discuss and explore how the evolving multicultural and multigenerational dynamics in our society have ushered in a new era, with new expressions and new expectations of inclusion and collaboration by which to live, work, learn, and earn. 

The results are clear—we can help you drive innovation, increase creativity, provide better recruiting, experience less turnover, and establish a stronger, positive perception and reputation in the marketplace.

We customize all workshops to meet your company’s unique needs.

Diversity Training Overview

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